Can I safely switch from taking 2mg of Xanax per day to Klonopin?

Can I safely switch from taking 2mg of Xanax per day to Klonopin?

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I am currently taking xanax…

SP Specialkx0

7 July 2022

I was on Xanax 2mg x 3 day for 20 plus years & I always felt it made me worse but I could never find a doctor to help me get off of the medicine until one day I did and he put me on Klonopin & Neurontin I also didn’t want to be on ANY BENZO so he tapered me over a year I was on nothing and felt better then I have in twenty years !

BE beme11111

10 June 2019

old thread I know but How did it go? I am in the same situation. Doc is switching me from 1mg 2x per day of Xanax XR to 1mg of Klonopin 2x a day due to the fact that I have been taking Xanax for so long we suspect tolerance and do not wanna up the dose… Just wondering how you did on the transition…

ME melissainhishands

6 Dec 2013

I am nine days into my switch and was on 3-4mgs of xanax. Doing fine

BI Bigchief28

1 Nov 2012

I switched from alprazolam to klonipin with no withdrawal at all.You should be fine 🙂

CW cwake19

1 Nov 2012

Klonopin is a very strong anticonvulsant medication and was originally introduced for seizures. Like they said, just work closely with your doctor to switch and express your concern about possible seizures. As long as you’ve got one of them in your system at the appropriate dosage, you shouldn’t have to worry about seizures.

IN Inactive

30 Oct 2012

Hello Spotty69. Yes you can. I would suggest a weaning/taper off from the Xanax and a transition at the same time to the Klonopin. A Benzodiazepine is what it is. One short/acting the other long/acting. Your system will adapt simply because the drug in either form is in your metabolizm and recognizes that fact. Not to worry in regards to a seizure. Regards pledge

KA kaismama

30 Oct 2012

If your doc does it right you can. You’re xanax should be tapered down while you are starting the klonopin.

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