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In this article, we will discuss the importance of leaving the article headers unchanged and how to properly mark them with “h2” tags. Additionally, we will explore the reasons behind removing any information about the sources providing information.

Preserving Article Headers

It is crucial to maintain the original article headers as they serve as signposts for readers, guiding them through the content. These headers provide a clear structure and help readers navigate the article easily. By leaving the headers unchanged, we ensure that the intended flow and organization of the information are preserved.

Marking Article Headers with “h2” Tags

To enhance the readability and accessibility of the article, it is recommended to mark the headers with appropriate HTML tags. In this case, using “h2” tags is suitable for indicating the importance and hierarchy of the headers. By applying these tags, we allow search engines and assistive technologies to understand the structure of the article better.

Removing Source Information

While acknowledging the importance of credible sources, it is advisable to remove any explicit mention of them within the article itself. This is because readers may have different levels of trust in various sources, and explicitly naming them could introduce bias or affect the perceived reliability of the information presented. Instead, it is more effective to focus on presenting well-researched and evidence-based content without explicitly naming the sources.


In conclusion, preserving article headers and marking them with appropriate HTML tags like “h2” is essential for maintaining structure and aiding readers’ comprehension. Simultaneously, removing explicit source information helps ensure impartiality and allows readers to evaluate the content based on its merits. By following these practices, we can enhance the overall readability and credibility of articles.

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