What are the distinctions between Serax and Xanex, and which one is more effective for treating anxiety and insomnia?

What are the distinctions between Serax and Xanex, and which one is more effective for treating anxiety and insomnia?


Question posted by toddto8 on 19 Nov 2012

I have recently been prescribed Serax by my Dr., I have taken Xanex many times but not by prescription. I really felt better with the Xanax but my Dr. insisted on Serax. Is there a difference & which is better for anxiety & trouble sleeping?

RY Ryan_V87 30 Dec 2013

Ive been on almost every benzo that is legal in the states at one time or another. You describe them as a trio of fast onset benzoes but theres a lot more to the equation, serax is fast acting but not very potent compaired to its counterparts. This is why its used more as a sleep aid(NOT A HYPNOTIC), and rarely but sometimes as a light anxiolytic. Xanax is a very fast acting(within minutes) and peaks hard and fast. In other words it can reach its max effect within the first hour. Strong and fast, this is why doctors use it for more severe anxiety, severe OCD, psychotic episodes, and panic attacks. One of the only qualities these two drugs share is their fast onset and short half life. Ativan is a favorite of the urgent care industry and Emergency Rooms nationwide because though its not as fast acting as xanax its also not clsssified as a short acting benzo. It’s one the fastest acting medium acting benzos so when injected it starts acting almost immediatly and will keep a patient adequately relaxed or sedated. But when taken orally xanax and serax will start working within minutes while ativan will take 30 to 45 mins, even an hour depending on the individual and circumstances. But the ativan is meant to last over a longer period of time.

IN Inactive 19 Nov 2012

Hello toddo8. Both are almost identical. If one were given or the other, one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Ativan is another one that makes up the “trio” of quick acting benzodiazepines. The major difference between the three? Marketing, Trade mark-name brand. Regards pledge

KA kaismama 19 Nov 2012

Serax is a little shorter acting then xanax. I’m not sure why he insisted on serax. They are both benzos. Do yourself a favor tho, don’t make too much noise about wanting xanax or he’ll label you a drug seeker and you won’t get anything.

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