What is the equivalent of 2mg of Klonopin in comparison to Xanax?

What is the equivalent of 2mg of Klonopin in comparison to Xanax?

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Question posted by Marshaleisa on 30 Nov 2017

Last updated on 10 November 2022

AN anxiety13 9 Nov 2022

Speaking of Klonopin, can I take 1 mg total daily of lorazepam to keep from .5 mg total daily of Klonopin withdrawals? Being honest, I ran out of my Klonopin for the first time.

OU outinthewild 26 Nov 2018

Back in 1995, my doctor started me off with 12 mg xanax a day. After 8 years, I cut back to 8 mg a day. Then I landed in the hospital for another problem and the doctors there cut me down to 1/2 mg twice per day. I went through hell and now I’m back on 4 mg per day, but I still find it hard to be calm and doctors do not seem to understand that each person is different. I would like to be on at least 6 mg a day, but the doctor says I’m acting like a junkie. As many years as I have been on xanax, I cut back on my own and never took more than what I felt I needed. I also have A-fib and xanax really helps, but when doctors cut me down to 1/2 2 times a day, I went through hell with A-fib. No one knows my body better than I do, so doctors, stop burying your mistakes and listen to us.

CH chuck1957 30 Nov 2017

MARSHALEISA; You really did get a really good answer from the person prior to me. But really you can’t compare them to 1 mg only. We are all different and the medications work differently on all of us. But they are in the same class benzodiazipines and really Klonopin when it first came out it was only used for seizures, and when it hit the market is when they found how how much better it worked for people with Anxiety and panic attack. But I could not agree with the person that posted to you first knows more than most people and normally. Like what was said the Klonopin is longer acting and you take that on the regular basis, And what really works great if your doctor is good enough to be like mine they always give me the 1mg alprazolam which is xanax and when I get out of control I am allowed to take 1 mg and dissolve it under the tongue and it beats the panic attack for me. But with all these government agency’s putting their noses in the doctors business many are afraid to prescribe too much benzo. Be it Klonopin, or Xanax. And this is not right for any of us. I hope I did not confuse you at all. And please come back if you have any questions that you are not sure of or, of course, call your Pharmacist have a great day.

AL alleycat4714 30 Nov 2017

Yes, they would be considered equivalent, based on my research and personal experience. I’m assuming you’re referring to 2 mg of Klonopin? I take 2 mg BID for anxiety. I also take Xanax. They both affect the same receptor (GABA), but Xanax has a much shorter half-life (6-27 hrs +/-) vs Klonopin (18-50 hrs +/-). And you’ll find that the longer you take either, the shorter that half-life will be. Your body gets better at metabolizing it, meaning it won’t last as long. That’s why I prefer Klonopin to Xanax. When I was just on Xanax, I had to take it every 3-4 hours to keep my anxiety at bay. Klonopin lasts longer. I just take low-dose Xanax (0.5 mg) for panic attacks. I hope that answered your question!

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